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B-Fix Rail AluDeck (B-Fix® - Brevet IP 1.452.665)

Made of black anodized aluminum, the B-Fix Rail AluDeck represents the culmination of the high-end decking and cladding structure. Modularity, weight, durability and aesthetics make it a unique experience. Thanks to its various installation accessories, its installation is extremely easy and fast. It guarantees a result that meets the most demanding projects.

Available as an option, the B-Fix EPDM AluDeck strip isolates the deck from the structure, reducing impact noise and resonance. With its self-adhesive side, it can be installed quickly and guarantees a smooth step on your deck.


integrated concept, high-end structure/fastening system

100% aluminum rail and accessories for durability, stability and planarity

modular structure, easy to assemble

reduced range of accessories for a "ready to fix" installation

black anodization for a discreet structure

guaranteed perfectly straight profiles

significant weight reduction thanks to the use of aluminum

high finish level, invisible

maximum ventilation of the floor and structure

extended life span of the wood

usable with 3 different profiles

installation on decks and siding

100% recyclable and infinitely reusable

specialist approved

patented system

made in Belgium

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B-Fix offers a wide range of fixing systems and accessories which allow perfectly completed fitting and finishing.


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